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                            Other Applications of Ultrasonic Technology

     The Morko USP primarily focuses on solving scale problems that are frequently encountered while operating thermal facilities, transporting fluids through pipelines as common infrastructures for oil and gas production, refinery processes, and wastewater treatment . Other ultrasonic technologies, however, have been already widely utilized among various groups of people in the United States and still have many unexplored fields with huge potentials waiting for new applications. Its applications in our lives are seemingly countless.  

     Below are listed some examples showing beneficial applications of ultrasonic technology.

                                               ♠ Industrial cleaner 

                                               ♠ Reforming fuel, rubber, metal, wine, etc.

                                               ♠ Ultrasonic dyeing system (dyeing, reducing, cleaning,                                                     etc.)

                                               ♠ Ultrasonic bird deterrent for farm land

                                               ♠ Ultrasonic fish deterrent for power plant

                                               ♠ Welder

                                               ♠ Sterilizer

                                               ♠ Environment system, degassing, etc.