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Kyu Ik (Simon) Kim, President

Simon Kim is the founder of Morko America.
He is a mechanical engineer with abundant industrial experience in dealing with various cutting-edge testing instruments and equipments to diagnose and troubleshoot the problems detected in the control system of machinery. 

Prior to Morko America, he led Polar Korea very successfully for over 20 years as a Director. Polar Korea is an exclusive representative company specializing in PCB Testers, High Speed Cameras, Thermal Stress Testers, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Water Blastesr, Controlled Impedance Testers and Chemistry Analyzers manufactured in USA, UK, Netherlands, and Japan. 

Currently, he is intensively working on supplying the Ultrasonic Scale Preventer and environmental equipment to the US industrial markets. His major work focuses on developing strong and solid local distribution networks in both North and South Americas. He also continues to explore new technologies that could be greatly beneficial to the US market.


Tel: 1-832-465-7283 
Email: simon@morkoamerica.com