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                                                      For Evaporators at Ethanol Plant

​​​For the production of ethanol from corns or sugar canes, an evaporation process is an essential process to gradually concentrate stillage or vinasse by evaporator. Both stillage and vinasse become more and more concentrated as it passes through a series of evaporators. However, in this evaporation process serious troubles, caused by foulings/scales forming in the tubes of evaporator, have been commonly reported from numerous ethanol plants.

To remove these foulings/scales ethanol plants need to periodically stop running their processing lines. Inevitably, there are no ways to avoid unwanted situations, such as reduced production or spending extra expenses for cleaning and environmental works. In addition, such a short cycle for cleaning leaves behind heavy maintenance and management works.

Many different types of foulings/scales form in the evaporator's tubes. The fouling/scales might be different from area to area depending on local soil types and weather conditions where the corns or sugar canes are cultivated.

Foulings/Scales in steel tubes can be removed by hydrochloric acid, whereas those in copper tubes cannot because of corrosion. Although scales in copper tubes can be physically cleaned by high-pressured water, there are some severe safety issues in this method .

Even though various chemicals could be used for cleaning tubes in evaporators, these tubes, in reality, should be cleaned in short intervals (every 1-2 weeks) because these scales often grow in the tubes very rapidly. However, if the interval for cleaning can be extended, to more than three weeks, the sugar production would increase and additional economical benefits would be expected.

When our powerful and proprietary ultrasonic technologies are applied to the evaporators in your stillage or vinasse concetration processing lines, the formation of foulings/scales in the tubes are strongly prevented. Those foulings/scales already developed in the tubes are also removed due to vibration and acoustic streaming generated by unusually powerful ultrasonic sounds. As a result, if the cleaning intervals for steel or copper tubes in evaporators were greatly extended after the installation of our USP, ethanol production at your plant would be remarkably increased and routine maintanance workload and cost for cleaning would also be greatly reduced.