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Testimonial of Daeyoung Machines

     Our company manufactures food machinery and is well known in Korea. The machines include      
       sterilizers, extractors, concentrators, reactors and evaporators. One of our customer producing
       blackberry juice has used our concentrator and evaporator in their process and recently
       requested us to find a solution to reduce scale buildup in the machines. We learned that ultrasonic
       technology could be used for this purpose, and have installed and tested the USP for their
       evaporator. The results were better than our expectation. Due to the effect of USP installation, this
       client is now to clean the evaporator once every 3 or 4 months instead of cumbersome treatment
       every 15 day like before. It is also expected to increase production and save energy for heating.
       So, now I came to confidently recommend the use of USP for our machines, such as concentrators
       and evaporators, to our existing and new customers.

       B. D. Park
       Daeyoung Machines Co.

Testimonial of GS-Caltex

     Our technical team has been awarded “Best Energy Conservation Department” due to the USP  
       application. When this equipment in 2003 was introduced to me at first, no one in GS-Caltex
       wanted to try it out because no one heard about it before. But our team decided to try to pilot test
       and installed 4 sets of USP on the Pre-Heat Exchanger of CDU. 

       With the USP installation we could remarkably save energy equivalent to $200,000(USD) for 2
       cell-per-year by the additional 8°C heat pick up and the improvement of an average of 4°C CIT. It
       was a really exciting results. The next day I reported this remarkable result to our supevisors.
       The first year we applied 60 sets of USP to 30 units of Heat Exchangers and we were projecting an 
       energy savings about $3,000,000. After confirming this very positive result, we could implement   
       the annual budget for 100 sets.  

       H. K. Lee/Manager
       Energy Technology Team
       GS-Caltex Corp.