CASE STUDY for DAEWOO Heavy Industries & Machinery Ltd.

This project was aimed at evaluating the effects of installing USPs on the removal and prevention of scale in the boiler installed at the Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery LTD, Korea.  The boilier type was a water tube boiler 3T/H. The USP-500 unit with 7.5 W acoustic power was installed on Aug 4, 1997. The chemistry of water collected from the boiler drum was analyzed at two different times.... click here to see more details

CASE STUDY for KIA Motors Company, Ltd.
One set of the USP-1000 unit was installed on the water tube boiler (10T/H) of the Kwangjoo 1 factory of KIA Motors Co. Ltd, Kwangjoo, Korea, on Oct. 12, 2002.  The effect of the installation of USP on the removal and prevention of scale was examined 4 months and 12 days later after its initial installation on Feb. 24, 2003.... click here to see more details


CASE STUDY for GS-Caltex 
In order to compare and evaluate energy saving by fouling mitigation, the USP was installed and operated at 02E-1020AB RC/Reduced Crude Heat Exchanger located in the front of 02F-102 Heater, but not at 02E-1019AB Heat Exchanger in the front of 02F-101 Heater..... click here to see more details

This report shows observational results after operating two different heat exchangers: one with USP and the other without USP. This data set allows one to compare the results with each other and to evaluate the effect of the USP on scale removal and prevention.... click here to see more details


CASE STUDY for Tancheon Municipal WWTP
This report summarizes the pilot test result of the USP which was installed on the dehydrator piping system of the Tan-Cheon Sewage Treatment Plant in Korea. It was operated for 6 months to resolve serious and long-known scale problems (in association with especially 'struvite formation') encountered within dehydrator piping system..... click here to see more details