We have a new solution for you!
Morko America wants to play a key role in: 

             ●  distributing USP products to the North American markets.

             ●  promoting continous business growth of manufacturer and users

             ●  searching for better, cost-effective solutions 

             ●  developing new application fields 

             ●  providing fast and efficient technical support

Morko America is an exclusive representative of Morko, one of the world leading companies focusing on scale prevention and removal. The company is responsible for, and specializes in, supplying USP equipment manufactured by Morko using strong-ultrasonic technology.

Our mission is to introduce and distribute this USP equipment to proper sites (municipal and industrial fields) throughout North and South America that have been plagued by scale problems via our designated representatives. 

The supreme quality of the USP was widely accredited among engineers of many Asian and European countries. To date, more than 700 USP units have been installed and are being well operated at many different sites throughout the world. We are very pleased to hear that most of the companies that have installed the USP at their system lines could potentially save huge amounts of energy costs through increased heat efficiency (removal and prevention of scales) and operating cost (reduction of downtime and chemical usages). Although such successful results have been seen actively in the Asian and European markets, our USP has not yet been introduced in US markets.

Morko America was initially launched in 2011 to distribute its USP products in the novel USA market while planning on gradually expanding and growing its market with the aid of our many experienced representatives.  Currently, we have contracted several distributors covering a total of 21 states of the US territory as of May 2011.  Our efforts to find new and active representatives will not stop until we cover the entire region of the North America and thus, the window and opportunity to strive towards the common business goals along with the Morko America are still widely open to future representatives. 

Morko America wishes that American users could have huge benefits through the installation and operation of our USP in the near future as many Asian and European users have had until now.